An app for diabetic people to self-manage their sugar levels within target range. 

Our vision

In Europe, by 2050 people aged over 80 years are estimated to form 20% of the geriatric population. Chronic conditions become prevalent with increased age and hinders daily activities and lifestyle of individual. Thus, the individual’s quality of life (QoL) is affected. Some of the popular chronic conditions seen in this population are Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (Diabetes), Depression, Loneliness, Cardiovascular Diseases, and Dementia.

The last few decades have seen a revolution in the field of information and communication technology which has led to the growth of digital healthcare. Mobile health (mHealth) interventions are on the rise. Chronic conditions require personalized care and self-management, mHealth through features such as telemonitoring support this.

Aspect of self-management requires the pursuit of healthy behaviour lifestyle choices. Health coaching which targets poor health habits adopts the ideas of goal-setting, self-monitoring, feedback, and suggestions for modifying the poor health behaviours. With mHealth, it is possible to deliver the health coaching thus giving rise to the concept of virtual health coaching.

Our vision is to help people age actively where they get to remain independent, pursue their daily activities without discomfort, and self-manage chronic conditions through mHealth solutions.

Glucocoach meets peoples needs around the globe.

Diabetes is a highly prevalent chronic condition across the globe. By 2040, T2DM is estimated to be prevalent in 642 million people globally.


Human Centered Design

Evidence based

Science based

AI driven

As a first step, we aim to develop an mHealth app that would support diabetic people to self-manage their sugar levels within target range. We are building this app in collaboration with various eHealth startups, academic research groups with focus on areas of digital health interventions, health behaviour monitoring, persuasive technology, and chronic diseases management, and hospitals.

We are currently finishing the MVP version of the app and preparing a clinical trial to evaluate the effectiveness of the app.

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You can contact us for discussing possible collaborations, if you want to be a part of the clinical trial, to pitch an idea related to this topic area, or to simply know more about what we are working on.